Motorhome Highlands Tour May 2018 – Day 7

From the beautiful shores of Loch Lomond were started on out final leg of the journey via Falkirk to embrace the wonderful engineering of the Falkirk wheel – truly an amazing thing to see in action, then a quick visit for some more culture at the lovely Callendar house where the displays cover the 11th to the 19th century and describe Rome’s northern frontier – The Antonine Wall and how the area was transformed during the first century of the industrial era.

Then off we set to  see the Kelpies in all their majestic glory.  We then travelled down to Morton Hall – a superb Camping and Caravan site just south of Edinburgh – we can highly recommend the stables bar for wonderful roaring fires and delicious food; although you have to be a Mensa genius to understand the pub quiz host let alone the answers to the questions !








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