Lifelong learning – March 2015

I finally resigned from my job so now find myself on 3 months garden leave – as I love gardening this is not really a hardship but I don’t want to squander that amount of time.

There a few items I want to concentrate on, physical fitness through cycling and taking up Yoga but also to appreciate some other areas I enjoy – namely cooking.  So with reference to Julie and Julia – I’ll be hunting out some of the classic Julia Childs recipes and giving them ago – amongst many others.  Yesterday’s breakfast was sour dough with crushed avocados and oven roasted tomatoes with lime, chilli and coriander.   Lunch was extravagant for a monday and entailed oven roasted cod draped in pancetta with fondant potato, oven roasted tomatoes and wilted spinach served with a fennel veloute.

Another project is the restoration of a Remington standard 7 typewriter from 1899.

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