After awful delays (30hrs) from London we finally got 2 nights and 1 day in Las Vegas before flying into San Fran.  We upgraded the car to a Camaro SS and set off for Tiburon.  It took some adjusting driving on the other side of the road again but driving over the golden gate bridge was very rewarding.  The only slight issues was that we’d flown out of Vegas in shorts and polo shirts and the temperatures plummeted going over the bridge, with the roof down to allow our for our suitcases we had little option than to shiver.

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The house we rented in Tiburon was fantastic with amazing views over the bay, the style and decor reflected our tastes and many of the items in the house gave clues to the fact the owners has stayed in many of the same hotels and resorts in Asia that we have over the last 3 years.

The whole area proved to be very scenic and it was great fun driving the entire length of the Napa valley – although as a I was driving I got to taste little wine but Karen certainly made up for it !

On the last day we drove down to Rockaway beach for a fantastic seafood buffet whilst watching the surfers hit the waves, a pumpkin festival in nearby Half Moon Bay nearly caused us to miss our flights home but an alternative and fun route on La Honda got us back to the airport via Redwood City just in time.

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