Bangkok – Chiang Mai

Today we left Bangkok to go to Chiang Mai.   A final breakfast before being picked up at 10.10 to go to the airport to get the flight to Chiang Mai,  to our pleasant surprise the catering facilities at Bangkok domestic had much improved – a very spicy lunch later and we were soon on the 1.10pm flight to Chiang Mai.

A quick cab ride saw us arrive at the 137 Pillars hotel and what a hotel – fantastic location and so tranquil – the 150 year old house is something else as are the rooms.

A quick look around and then straight over the river into Chiang Mai a restorative cocktail at Mo’s House and then straight into the centre for a quick look around some of the temples.  Some lovely pictures and then a walk back to the hotel to shower and change, just avoiding a thunder storm.  A couple of drinks and then a wander back to see the night market.  We left it a bit late to get dinner in the restaurant so ordered room service off the full restaurant menu – the amount of mosquitos that swarmed around us as we ordered from the menu was incredible but no bites the next morning!



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